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About us

We are a creative studio that focuses on photography, video, motion graphics and stop motion.

We combine our skills to solve business problems for our clients in USA and Mexico.

LEON STUDIO has a team trained with degrees in design, but that is not the most important. We are artists and illustrators, this means that we are not only passionate with the funcionality of our designs, we put all our creativity to get efficacious, modern marvelous designs.


We help you transform your ideas into visual concepts. We pay lots of attention to detail as we want to impact the users from the moment they first see the image. 

Our team has extensive experience creating images for different companies.We are regularly commissioned to take portraits of management and employees,as well as food and any kind of product. We shoot on location or studio and we catch the essence of the target like no-one else.

The images generated can be used on marketing materials, client web site or personal records purposes.

We believe in the power of collaborative creative process. We provide high quality visual effects regardless of the size or scope of the project. We always reach new visual lenguages and we work very close with our clients. We are a team of talented artists that produce impactful design and animation.

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