LEON STUDIO helps you to transform your ideas into visual concepts. We pay lot of attention to details because we want to impact the users from the moment they first see the site. We provide professional services to support our customers in the development of their websites. We are always passionate about creating original and elegant interfaces. 

LEON STUDIO believes in the power of collaborative creative process. We provide high quality visual effects regardless of the size or scope of the project. We always reach new visual lenguages and we work very close with our clients. We are a team of talented artists that produce impactful design and animation 


LEON STUDIO has a team trained with degrees in design, but that is not the most important. We are artists and illustrators, this means that we are not only passionate with the funcionality of our designs, we put all our creativity to get efficacious, modern marvelous designs.

For the launch of CAFE ORGANICO, we developed clean visuals with comprehensive guidelines and a unique packaging concept that brings perception and builds value into the brand. 

Through the print design we convey a specific message to the audience. We use elements according with the brand and the print´s theme.

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